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Kim Ventrella, award-winning author

Overview of Services

I offer a variety of editorial services to help you accomplish your goals. Whether you need a query letter critique, a full development edit, a line edit, or a custom order, you’re in luck. We’ll work together to make sure you get the most out your feedback. I’m always here to answer questions or help you out along the way. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of my current services. Remember, I love custom orders. So, if you don’t see your service listed, just let me know, and we’ll figure it out.

“I’ve never had someone understand my story so thoroughly in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend her!”

–5-star fiverr reviewer

Query Letter Critique

Need a second look at your query letter? You’ve come to the right place! A great query letter can help you make a lasting impression with literary agents or acquisitions editors. My critique will focus on your query’s overall impact, as well as offering specific feedback on introduction, biographical info, hook, and closing.

  • Cost: $35
  • Delivery Time: 3 business days
  • Reduced Rate for Revisions: $20

Query Letter + Synopsis Critique

The query letter and synopsis have a similar goal–to entice an agent to read your full manuscript–but they achieve this goal in different ways. It’s important that you craft these powerful documents with care to make sure you never “waste” a query. That’s where I can help. If you need feedback on your synopsis (1-2 pages) and query letter, then you’re in the right place. I will provide detailed notes to help you improve the impact and clarity of your query letter and synopsis. We’ll make sure you’re using each document in the right way and getting the most out of these important selling tools.

  • Cost: $50
  • Delivery Time: 3 business days
  • Reduced Rate for Revisions: $30

Query Letter + First 10 Pages Critique

Do you need feedback on your first 10 pages in addition to your query letter? If so, this package is for you! I’ll provide a big-picture assessment of your sample, as well as offering specific suggestions for improving the impact and clarity of your query letter.

  • Cost: $60
  • Delivery Time: 4 business days
  • Reduced Rate for Revisions: $35

The Ultimate Querying Bundle: Query, Synopsis, First 10

Would like feedback on your entire querying bundle, including a query letter, synopsis, and first ten pages? If so, this is your bundle! I’ll provide a big-picture assessment of your query, synopsis, and sample, giving you the most comprehensive feedback to make your entire querying package shine.

  • Cost: $75
  • Delivery Time: 4 business days
  • Reduced Rate for Revisions: $45

Publishing Consultation via Zoom

If you’re new to the world of writing and publishing, you probably have questions. Like what is a literary agent and how do I find the right one? How does traditional publishing work and is it right for me? Or maybe you’re wondering if your idea would be a good fit for your target audience. Whatever it is, you’re invited to join me for a 30-minute Q&A on Zoom. I’ll answer your questions and provide links to helpful resources so you can continue your learning.

  • Cost: $35
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Scheduling: Let me know your preferred day, time, and time zone when submitting your request.

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First 25 Pages Critique — All Genres

Let’s make sure you have the strongest beginning possible! I’ll provide a big picture assessment of your first 25 pages in the form of detailed comments. If you have specific questions or just need a fresh set of eyes, I’m here to help.

The First 25 Pages Critique mirrors the feedback you would receive in a developmental edit. I’ll focus on things like story arc, character development, voice, pacing and beyond. While I may note smaller, sentence-level issues, my focus will be on the big picture.

  • Cost: $75 (up to 7,500 words)
  • Delivery Time: 4 business days
  • Reduced Rate for Revisions: $40

Full Manuscript Critique — Novels (all genres, ages)

Do you need a professional evaluation of your manuscript? Would you like to receive the same type of feedback that you can expect from an editor at a major publishing house? If so, it may be time to request a full manuscript critique.

I’ll provide a big-picture assessment of your novel in the form of detailed comments, plus an editorial letter summarizing my overall thoughts. These developmental notes will focus on things like story arc, character development, voice, pacing, audience fit, and beyond. While I may note smaller, sentence-level issues, my feedback will concentrate on the big stuff.

Writing is an act of translation. You have to take this beautiful idea in your head and somehow translate it onto paper in a way that feels just as beautiful for readers. Sometimes, things get lost in translation, but it’s hard to know what and why when you’re too close to the story. That’s where a professional editor comes in. I can give you a fresh perspective on your work, helping you identify overarching issues and brainstorm ways to fix them.

Note: This is a manuscript evaluation (or developmental edit) highlighting large, structural issues, not a proofread, copy edit, or line edit. After you receive your notes, I will be happy to answer questions via email and discuss next steps.

  • Cost: $0.01 per word
  • Delivery Time: 14 business days
  • Rush Delivery: 7 business days (Add $100)
  • Reduced Rate for Revisions: Only available with “Writing Mentorship”

Note: Pricing for picture book evaluations is a flat rate of $50 for any manuscript up to 750 words.

Self-Publishing Package

Do you need someone to go over your manuscript line by line before you self-publish? If so, this is the package for you. I will go through your manuscript with a fine-tooth comb, noting inconsistencies (copy editing), checking for grammar mistakes (proofreading), and offering suggestions to improve sentence flow (line editing). Unlike my full manuscript critique (or developmental edit), I will only focus on the small stuff, making sure your novel is nice and shiny for publication.

  • Cost: $0.01 per word
  • Delivery Time: 14 business days
  • Rush Delivery: 7 business days (Add $100)
  • Reduced Rate for Revisions: Not available

Three-Month Writing Mentorship

Month 1: We’ll start with a 30-minute Zoom consultation to discuss your needs. Next, I’ll critique a one-page synopsis of your novel, plus a 25-page sample. At the end of the month, we’ll discuss your feedback in another 30-minute Zoom.

(Cost: $150)

Month 2: After you’ve had time to incorporate your notes into your work-in-progress, I’ll provide a critique of your full manuscript (see “Full Manuscript Critique” above for details). At the end of the month, we’ll schedule a 1-hour Zoom to discuss your manuscript evaluation and address any other questions.

(Cost: $0.01 per word + free Zoom)

Month 3: You will now have time to revise your full manuscript based on the feedback you have received. It’s okay if this takes more than one month. When you’re ready, I’ll critique your full revised manuscript, and we’ll then finish up your mentorship with a final 1-hr Zoom.

(Cost: Reduced rate of $0.007 per word + free Zoom)

Payment for each “month” must be received before services commence. Months do not need to be consecutive, i.e. you are free to schedule Month 1 in January, Month 2 in March, and Month 3 in July if you prefer to have more time to work on revisions. For more information, please fill out the editorial services request form below.

Benefits of Mentorship

  • One-on-one feedback in a live, virtual setting
  • Multiple opportunities to revise resulting in more in-depth help
  • Reduced pricing on a revised full manuscript (This rate is only available to mentees)
  • Note: We can tweak the mentorship offerings to meet your needs!

About Me

KIM VENTRELLA is the author of The Secret Life of Sam  (HarperCollins), Hello, Future Me, Bone Hollow and Skeleton Tree (Scholastic). Her works explore difficult topics with big doses of humor, whimsy and hope. Her most recent middle grade novel, The Secret Life of Sam, was a 2021 Oklahoma Book Award winner and one of Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2020. Bone Hollow was chosen as a Best Book for Kids 2019 by New York Public Library, and Skeleton Tree was nominated for the 2019 Carnegie Medal in the UK. For the latest updates, follow Kim on Twitter and Instagram.

“I loved working with Miss Kim. She’s very thorough and provided such insightful feedback. I would highly recommend her for your writing project!”

5-Star Fiverr Reviewer

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“I’ve worked with Kim for many years and she’s amazing to work with. Very supportive and encouraging, and super responsive. Her feedback has been invaluable in helping me make my work better. I can’t recommend her enough.”

samantha c., award-winning author

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to request a full manuscript critique?

Most writers go through many, many revisions before calling a book finished. This starts with self-editing, where you read through your manuscript, identifying both large and small issues that need to be addressed. In order for this to work, you may need to give yourself time away from the manuscript, so you can approach it with fresh eyes. During this time away, I like to read as much as possible, filling up the well and giving myself distance from my own story.

After, or during, the self-editing process, you’ll want to ask for feedback from beta readers or critique partners. Over time, you’ll learn how to parse this feedback, implementing the helpful bits and ignoring the rest.

At this point, it’s time to assess how you feel about the manuscript. Would you be excited for editors at major publishing houses to read it? If so, you’re ready to start submitting to agents. If not, it may be time for more revision.

If you have a good idea about what needs to be fixed, go forth and revise. If you know something isn’t right, but you aren’t sure what, it may be time to approach a professional editor. By the same token, if you’ve been submitting to agents for a while and getting only form rejections, an editor can help you figure out why.

Imagine you’re painting a mural on the side of a building, but you’re not allowed to step back and take a wider view. That’s where an editor comes in. They can stand across the street, taking in your mural as a whole and helping you see where you’ve veered off track. If this kind of help sounds useful, then it may be time to reach out to a professional editor.

Do you have courses for writers?

Yes! I’m currently making new courses available on Skillshare. You can watch my current offerings for free with a one-month Skillshare trial. Simply sign up using my referral link, and you’ll have free access to every course on the platform, including mine. And you can cancel before the trial ends.

Alternatively, you can find my course, Writing a Successful Query Letter, on Thinkific.