Hello, Future Me

Cover art by Monica de Rivas.

Is there any problem magic can’t solve?

Eleven-year-old June is a problem-solver. Some people might call her a busybody, but that’s okay. Just look at all the couples she’s helped find love! (Grateful newlyweds Marlene and Big Vic have even promised June free hot chocolate for life at their café.)

However, when June learns that her parents are getting divorced, she has to face the fact that there are some problems too big even for her. At least, that’s what the adults in her life keep saying.

But June’s convinced there’s a way to make her parents fall back in love. While brainstorming ideas on her new secondhand laptop—purchased from a mysterious store in town called The Shop of Last Resort—June gets a strange IM from someone named JuniePie28 . . . someone who claims to be an older version of June messaging her from the future.

At first, she assumes it’s a prank. But JuniePie28 knows too much about June’s life to be a fraud, and future June warns her against interfering. But June can’t just sit around and watch her parents’ marriage dissolve, not when there’s a magical shop in town that could be the answer to all her problems! Will June prove her older self wrong and stop the divorce? Or will she have to accept that there are some things in life she can’t fix?

Praise for Hello, Future Me

🦄 “A perfectly magical story packed with twists, energy and charm!” –Janet Fox, award-winning author of The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle

🦄 “Hello, Future Me is quite simply one of the most charming, and heartwarming books that I’ve read in a while. June is a wonderful protagonist who really makes you pull for her, and Tanglewood is the kind of small town that you immediately picture when reading about it. Tackles some difficult themes in a relatable way, and has everything you can ask for in a book. Mystery, magic, laughs, tears, and oh, did I mention Big Foot? Get this book and start reading TODAY!” –Jonathan Rosen, author of Night of the Living Cuddle Bunnies

🦄 “A sensitive story filled with humor, adventure and characters you want to hug. A wonderful read for all.” —Samantha M. Clark, author of The Boy, The Boat and the Beast

🦄 “A brave, heart-warming journey of one girl’s hopes and fears as her family changes, the assurance of love, and of course . . . sparkly magic!”  —S.A. Larsen, author of Motley Education

🦄 “In this witty and wonderfully enchanting story, Ventrella weaves a fantasy sure to entertain young readers—and bigfoot fans—with themes of determination and self-reliance. Too good to miss!” —Cynthia Reeg, author of the Monster or Die series

🦄 “This light fantasy eases the tension of a tough topic.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Listen to an Audiobook Sample

The audio edition is narrated by Elizabeth Cottle. It’s available in the U.S. from Dreamscape Media and in the U.K. from Bolinda. Cover art on the U.K. edition by Lenny Wen.


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