School Visits

Back to School!

One of my favorite things about being an author is inspiring students to create their own stories. I would love to visit your students in grades 3-8 to get them excited about reading and writing! Students will…

  • Get answers to their burning questions!
  • Learn how I got started writing, and how they can too!
  • Laugh, have fun and, most importantly, get inspired to create!

Types of Visits

In light of the pandemic, I am offering a variety of virtual school visit options to meet your needs. My FREE 30-minute Q&As are so much fun! I start with a quick introduction to me and my books, then open the floor to student questions on the writing and publishing process. Is your class or book club reading one of my books? I also offer FREE 30-minute book club chats!

  • FREE 30-minute virtual Q&A
  • FREE 30-min virtual book club chat
  • 45-minute virtual craft workshop ($50)
  • FREE 45-minute on-demand video (below)

Craft Workshops

My 45-minute craft workshops for small groups focus on the topics outlined below. These lively presentations dive deeper into the craft of writing, and seek to get students involved in the process.

  • Story Arcs: Build Powerful Stories Full of Action and Emotion
  • Scary Stories 101, i.e. How to Scare Your Friends and Family
  • Creating Compelling Characters


To schedule any type of visit or request more info, fill out the form below.

On-Demand School Visit

Is it difficult to fit a live author visit into your busy teaching schedule? No worries! You can watch my FREE 45-minute on-demand school visit any time you want! Start, stop or rewatch on your schedule. Plus, enjoy several amazing costume and wig changes 😛

Pricing Info

You can find pricing info on both in-person and virtual visits by downloading my School Visit Info sheet.

Benefits of Author Visits

  • Students learn that authors are real people
  • Students believe anything is possible
  • Students get inspired to read and write
  • Students see inside the writing and publishing process
  • Students feel a personal connection to the author’s work
  • Students feel empowered to follow their dreams

Discussion Guides

If your class or book club is reading one of my books, download my new Book Club Kit. It has questions and activities for all four titles!!!