About Me

A little more about yours truly.

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my About page. If you’re ever in the Oklahoma area, you might find me:

  • Racing my dog in the park
  • Wishing for rain
  • Accidentally killing houseplants

I have always been a little on the weird side, in case you were wondering. Although, if you’ve read my books, you probably know that. If not, you can kind of tell from the picture. Am I right?

  • Fact: I once ate part of a giant cockroach (not on purpose).
  • Fact: I have held many different jobs, including working as a ‘scare actor’ in a haunted house. My character was an evil clown, obviously.
  • Fact: If you eat a whole shrimp for the first time and think, “Hmm, why is this so crunchy?,” you’re doing it wrong. What can I say? I’ve led a very sheltered life (in culinary terms).

Super Official Author Bio

KIM VENTRELLA is the author of The Secret Life of Sam  (HarperCollins), Hello, Future MeBone Hollow and Skeleton Tree (Scholastic). Her works explore difficult topics with big doses of humor, whimsy and hope. Her most recent middle grade novel, The Secret Life of Sam, was named one of Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2020! Bone Hollow was chosen as a Best Book for Kids 2019 by New York Public Library, and Skeleton Tree was nominated for the 2019 Carnegie Medal in the UK. For the latest updates, follow Kim on Twitter and Instagram.

Lightning Round

Wow, that was fun. How about we change things up now with a quick Lightning Round?

  • Favorite color: black
  • First concert: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live (Raphael rapped)
  • Personal slogan: I want to believe (yup, that’s totally from The X-Files)
  • Tea or coffee?: both
  • Secret ambition: to be a digital artist; to dress super goth
  • Favorite spooky book: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
  • Favorite holiday: Halloween
  • Dog’s name: Hera
  • When did you write your first book?: 6th grade; it was a super tragic picture book about these five people who all lose someone they love and form “The Wednesday Mourning Club” to deal with their grief. Yup, total children’s picture book material, right? Oh, and spoiler alert, the last meeting of The Wednesday Mourning Club takes place at the main character’s funeral. What can I say? I was a cheery kid.

Okay, one more question and that’ll be all for now. Why do you write?

Whoa, now that’s a good one. I’ve heard people say that fiction is more true than true. I believe that. I also write worlds I want to live in. Worlds where bad things happen, but also worlds where magic lives and people always find the courage to overcome.

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