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Skeleton Tree Final Copies

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My awesome editor, Mallory Kass, recently sent me some advance final copies of Skeleton Tree!!! They are so beautiful! The cover has a unique, pearlescent finish that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. The artwork by Lisa Perrin is amazing, especially the skull butterfly on the back. If you take the dust cover off, you’ll find an imprinted butterfly, complete with tiny skulls on a seafoam green background with vibrant pink text.

And there’s a big surprise on the inside as well. Skeleton Tree has a hidden flip book!

Weird Stuff

Put on your #bookface

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I’ve been having fun this summer talking my library co-workers into helping me make some awesome #bookface photos to post on Twitter and Instagram!!! If you haven’t tried it before, beware, capturing the perfect #bookface is fun, but it’s also harder than it looks. Mostly, it’s a process of trial and error. If the face on the cover is really big, the photo model will have to hold it close to their face to get a realistic image. Sometimes, the face is just too big, though, and the image doesn’t work. For small cover images, like body shots, you’ll need a third person to stand between you and the model to hold the book. #bookface photos are serious business 😛

Here are some of my successes. They’re not all perfect, but at least they’re weird:


Book Raves

Braced: Book Rave

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In her seventh grade year, Rachel Brooks plans to start on her school’s soccer team, hang with her best friends and maybe get a boyfriend. She doesn’t plan to wear a hard plastic back brace twenty-three hours a day that stretches from her shoulders to her hips.

Rachel nbracedeeds the brace to prevent the curve in her spine, caused by scoliosis, from getting worse. She understands how important it is, but that doesn’t alter the fact that the brace changes everything. Wearing clothes, playing soccer, even hanging with her friends become new and daunting challenges. To make matters worse, her mother doesn’t seem to understand why she’s having such a hard time adjusting to life in the brace.

Readers will ache as Rachel confronts cruelty at school, misunderstandings at home and disappointments on the soccer field. Author Alyson Gerber has crafted an honest, realistic, funny voice that will draw readers in and keep them rooting for Rachel till the very end. Particularly poignant are the complicated relationships that Gerber draws between Rachel and her mother and Rachel and her best friends.

An important book about finding inner strength even in difficult situations.