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How to Support Your Favorite Authors

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With so many awesome novels coming out this year, I thought it was time to re-post my infographic on how to support your favorite authors. We need stories that help us think, grow and empathize with others, but being an author is a difficult job. We turn ourselves inside out for the sake of our stories. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we don’t, but either way, the fate of our beloved stories is out of our hands. Our books might speak to a single reader, or a thousand, or a million. Our characters may be praised or vilified. Readers and critics might shower us with love, or thoughtful criticism, or a combination of the two. Trolls might spread hate for the sheer joy of destruction. Success as an author means you open yourself up to all of this, the good and the bad, the helpful and the hurtful. In light of this, I plan to do what I can this year to support my favorite authors as they travel along this daunting path.

How to Support Your Favorite Authors