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The Imaginary: Book Rave

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Never lose your ability to see the extraordinary. That should be the tagline for A.F. Harrold‘s middle grade novel, The Imaginary (illustrated by the fabulous Emily Gravett).

Harrold tells the story of Rudger and Amanda. Amanda is a real girl with a powerful imagination. She dreams up an imaginary Friend named Rudger, and together they go on incredible adventures. True, Amanda bosses him around and sometimes hurts his feelings, but Rudger will always be her Friend, until…

A most unusual man with an even more unusual Friend gets hungry, and Rudger is on the menu.

The Imaginary has all the elements of a children’s classic: true evil, undying friendship and love capable of overcoming all the odds. Harrold crafts a tale as replete with whimsy and insight, as it is with danger, foreboding and existential longing. This book is for every child or adult who ever yearned to glimpse something beyond the ordinary. Even if it only lasts a moment. In The Imaginary, wondrous things happen, true friendships never die (oh, Fridge!!!!!!) and best friends always overcome (even if they are imaginary).

Emily Gravett, this is the best illustration ever. It made me want to scoop out my insides and weave them into a soft, comforting blanket (because it was so sad!!!).



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